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We are Emakina.PL- we build great websites, ecommerce and applications. For our projects we build agile-oriented teams of frontend, backend and fullstack developers, supported by project managers, proxy product owners and scrum masters. We typically work in 2-week sprints and hold all SCRUM events. The project team normally consists of people located in our Poznan office and in one or two other locations – therefore there is a fair dose of remote communication over Teams, JIRA, Confluence and other tools. All project communication and documentation are held in English.

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Recruitment steps @ Emakina.PL

You are only 4 steps away from the job of your dream - and trust us, each step is the great adventure, when talking to Emakina.PL!

  1. Let’s get to know each other better! We’ll provide you with info about our company, technology stack, projects and work culture. In return, you’ll talk about your experience, knowledge, job goals and expectations towards your future employer. Part of this conversation will be conducted in English. This step will take approx. 30 mins and will be conducted by our HR team.

  2. Let’s code (and more)! Here you’ll have the chance to show your experience live, by having a deep-tech-conversation with our developer/s. No worries – we won’t give you any ‘homework’! Every task to be solved or code to be fixed will happen during this recruitment step. This part will take approx. 1-2 hrs (depending on how talkative you are 😉).

  3. Let’s meet your potential future supervisor! This interview with our PL Managing Director + Hiring Manager on foreign Emakina entity will show, whether our work, business and organizational culture suits you and if it's something you're looking for (and vice versa!). This part will take approx. 1-1,5 hrs.

  4. Let's decide! All previous recruitment steps allow us to decide, whether we find you a good fit for our company. But – it’s also the time for you to decide! And remember – even if we won’t make it now, you’ll receive extended feedback from our process and hopefully we’ll stay in touch for the future vacancies 😊

FAQs - recruitment process @ Emakina.PL

  • Just be yourself 😊 We want to get to know you the way you really are – and this refers also to your tech skills. And no, you don’t need to know our company history by heart in order to take part in the process 😉
  • We always try to conduct it ASAP, but this is determined by availability of both: people involved in the process as well as candidate’s preferences. Most often our process (from 1st interview, till decision) lasts 2-3 weeks.
  • You can either contact Agata - our HR Manager – directly (a.michalak@emakina.pl; +48 514 599 575) or you can send your questions at work@emakina.pl.
  • We recruit people for the company, not for particular projects. We’d love you to grow personally with us as well as help us grow as a company, that’s why we’re looking for long-term relationship with every new member of Emakina.PL.
  • Yes – you can work remotely 3 days a week. Of course, exceptionally, if there’s some reason you need to spend let’s say a week working remotely – that’s fine, we don’t follow strict, relentless rules 😊
  • We don’t have any ‘core hours’ in Emakina.PL. You’re setting your workday according to your needs. Of course you’ll be a part of particular project team, so you need to participate in planned meetings, calls etc – except for these, you manage your work on your own.
  • All projects, that are conducted by Emakina, are led for external customers, so there’s high possibility that you’ll be working directly with our clients. Although, the main point of contacts for customers are of course Account Managers and Project Managers.
  • As we’re cooperating with other Emakina entities from abroad and as we’re working with foreign customers on a daily basis – we need you to be fluent in English (min. B2 level).
  • Yes, of course – we’re cooperating with five Emakina entities in Europe, so our recruitment needs can change really quickly! Even if you don’t see particular offer for you, but you find other information about our company interesting – we encourage you to get in touch with us.