Digital campaign for ‘One Million Ticket’ Lottery

Author: Romain Dehaudt, Head of Revenue & Operations

Over the holiday season, Loterie Romande created an original countdown campaign with its ‘One Million Ticket’ Advent calendar. The digital part of this major end-of-year campaign year was in the hands of digital transformation agency Emakina, who launched the ‘One Million Ticket’ website.


Emakina’s team imagined and developed an evolving site, with a build up in four stages:

  • – From mid-October to mid-November, the platform informed the public on the mechanics of the game.
  • – From 1 to 24 December a daily video showed the winning symbols and corresponding lottery tickets.
  • – From 25 December to January 10, players were invited to participate in the TV draw taking place on January 10th, via a dedicated coupon attached to the physical tickets.
  • -In the last phase, the organisation presented the overall results, especially those of the draw at the Gala SwissAward.

This Emakina project adds spice to the communication of Loterie Romande, relaying the results of ‘One Million Ticket’ to a broad audience, in support of the content published in the daily press (Le Matin and Le Blick).

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For several months now, Loterie Romande has joined forces with Emakina for its direct marketing activities. Emakina was invited to promote the entire range of the lottery’s games. The team created emailings highlighting the jackpot winners of the Swiss Loto, the EuroMillions and some instant games like ‘Tribolo’, besides targeted communications for sports and horse racing betting.

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In September 2014, Emakina had already started work on the design and development of the new promotional website for Swiss Lotto. The digital agency also signed for the current promotional campaign to win an iPhone 6.


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