Digital Humanitarianism

Author: Laurent Mounier

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Emakina launches its second online campaign for Terre des Hommes.

Following an interactive website on the oppressive state of child-minors in Burkina Faso, the Swiss digital agency Emakina was entrusted with a new challenge by the humanitarian organization Terre des Hommes: create a website to promote the sponsorship of children in distress.

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Working in partnership with the Agency The Reference, Emakina put together a multi-disciplinary team to create an innovative campaign, whose concept is based on the emotional strength of seeing young child, it is the face of a child that invites the visitor to discover the contents of the site.

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“Every day counts” presents the life of five young kids whose destiny was changed by sponsorship. With a donation as little as 1 CHF a day, everyone can help these children through various actions, such as access to education, care and housing.

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In the previous Terre des Hommes campaign, the site visitor goes down into a mine, now the visitor is caught up in the life of a child. The movements of the cameras and changes of perspectives designed by the creative team of the Agency make the experience unforgettable.

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Arnaud Grobet, Managing Director of Emakina, says: “The production of these animations required important preparatory work, such as cutting-out of images or creation of material – everywhere where the virtual camera moves needs special editing and complex retouching”.

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“Every day counts” is a responsive mini-site produced in three languages (French, German and English). There is a campaign of banners to aid in the site’s promotion and to generate a maximum of new sponsorships.



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