Download Digital Jungle’s Free eBook on Picture Sharing in China

Author: Luc Malcorps

Emakina’s Asian Partner Digital Jungle is a leader within the Chinese digital marketing sector. They follow every movement in social media in this immense market up close. A recent spectacular trend in China is that picture sharing platforms have taken the social networking universe by storm.

So Digital Jungle brought together their experience and research in the Free eBook: “How to Triumph in the Chinese picture Sharing Universe.”


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 Find out how Pinterest and over 30 Pinterest style picture sharing sites are changing China’s communication landscape. And how marketers can utilize these platforms to their advantage!

Like SNS sites such as Weibo and Renren, the picture sharing sites in China have a huge following. However, they have progressed from the initial Pinterest model, many incorporating ecommerce. This has presented new opportunities for marketers in a nation of consumers driven by online shopping and a love for visual content.


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