iOS Experts Assemble at Emakina to Discuss Responsibility Separation by Behaviour

Author: Luc Malcorps

Emakina’s Warren Gavin, the agency’s iOS Expert and empassioned about all things mobile, gave a presentation to the Belgian chapter of CocoaHeads, on the topic of separation by behaviour in coding for iOS.

COcoaheads_at_EMAKINAEmakina’s Warren Gavin captures his audience of Cocoaheads

CocoaHeads is a group devoted to discussing Apple’s Cocoa and Cocoa Touch Frameworks for programming on MacOS X and iOS. In monthly meetings, members present their projects and offer tutorials on various programming topics.

The meeting room could just fit the 30 experts assembled at Emakina’s Brussels office for an evening of iOS coding insights. A big crowd, considering the topic is rather high end and specific.


Warren shared his experience about using separation by behaviour, to reduce view controller responsibilities, code size and repetition. He went into some detail about the ‘behaviours’ methodology used to separate individual responsibilities into common code, that can be used and reused across multiple projects with very little customisation.

Warren comments with enthusiasm: “It’s great to see so many like minded souls and share some ideas. Thanks are due to CocoaHeads Belgium for the opportunity. The advantage of this technique for iOS projects is really huge. You can speed up development time by clearly defining and separating behaviours and make re-usable libraries with the resulting code.”

When using ‘Responsibility Separation by Behaviour’ with discipline and some intelligence, it will by definition result in fewer lines of code that need to be debugged. And of course, it creates extra time and brain space to focus on new angles, and further functionalities, that can make the client happy.

CocoaheadWorldwideThe CocoaHeads network is really a global movement…

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