NEXT Berlin: “Here Be Dragons!”, says SinnerSchrader

Author: Alex Papanastassiou

Emakina’s strategic partner SinnerSchrader is Germany’s leader in digital communication.

But it also is the host of one of the most exciting conferences on tomorrow’s topics of the digital economy in Europe, the  NEXT Berlin conference.

The central theme of the 2013 conference is “Here be dragons!”
The concept is related to ‘Fog of War’, well known in video games. Unknown areas are often covered in fog. In the Middle Ages, the term ‘Here be Dragons’ was used to describe these areas on maps. The digital world still has a lot of these uncharted territories yet to be discovered.

Join NEXT Berlin and connect with international business innovators, tech wizard and digital entrepreneurs!



On 23 and 24 April 2013, talks and workshops held by more than 100 internationally renowned digital pioneers will invade the land of digital dragons and inspire more than 2,000 participants from around the world.

Experts will address the topics invisible technology, new interfaces, the importance of context and the makers. Startups receive a lot of attention at the event, with a competition and presentations on a separate stage to look for the most promising European seed start-ups founded within the last year.




Matthias Schrader, CEO of SinnerSchrader and NEXT Chairman: “Digital innovations have – now more than ever – a radical impact on each and every sector, be it commerce, finance, media or telecommunications. NEXT Berlin looks at trends before they become mainstream, and offers the chance to address them and network with experts at a very early stage. ”



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