ESG: it’s all about the micro and the macro

Author: Celine Hadjiu

Everything from customer loyalty to literally preserving human life hangs in the balance when it comes to sustainability. We all do what we can at home and in the office, but our little drops in the bucket seem a lot more meaningful when we see big corporations stepping up to do better too. And influencing their ecosystems to follow.

Xavier Houot is Senior Vice President of Sustainable Business and Operations at Schneider Electric –an organisation that was recently named the world’s most sustainable corporation. In our podcast, he’s the guest of Elaina Shekhter, EPAM’s Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer, discussing Schneider Electric’s comprehensive and holistic approach to ESG. He believes it’s about looking at the micro and the macro – addressing those root causes of climate change that will have global impact, and the everyday things to keep people safe, healthy, and inspired by the work they do.

Listen to their lively and frank conversation as they delve into Schneider Electric’s Zero Carbon Project, the importance of a realistic approach to ESG, as well as the challenges of measurement, the role of partnerships, and the meaning of COP26.

Listen here : Schneider Electric’s Xavier Houot answers ESG Questions from Elaina Shekhter : the Resonance test 71

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