Brice Le Blévennec

Visions of a better world

The Future in Stories

Emakina is The User Agency. We believe in putting strategy, technology and creativity at the service of users. This has been our corporate culture since day one, underpinning everything we do. If our projects are fresh and new, they are adopted by users, and that makes our clients successful. If our clients are satisfied, they continue their partnership with us. It’s a virtuous circle.

Applied science fiction

Anticipating the user needs of tomorrow is how we help our clients stay relevant and future ready. We constantly imagine positive a future to build the path that leads to it. We back up our predictions with proof from scientific publications, innovations and trends. It’s a new genre that combines fact and fiction. We’ve called it ‘applied science fiction’.

Since Ex Machina was founded 30 years ago, we asked ourselves where we would be in 30 years. This book explores what might happen between 2021 and 2051, in 30 articles devoted to 30 themes. For every chapter, we start with a fictional user experience in the future. In our agency language: a user experience consisting of a scenario experienced by one or more imaginary characters. We then share our vision of a possible future. In our language, we start with insights to establish our foresight. Finally, we look at recent trends and innovations that make these stories more or less plausible.

Three approaches to the future

Three Emakina teams worked on this project, each with a specific area of expertise.

Blue articles: Our content specialists took an investigative journalism approach. They looked at current affairs, the latest technological trends and scientific publications to come up with their stories. At the helm were Manon Dubreuil, Paula Fitzhenry, Jean-Christophe Detrain and Cédric Godart.

Green articles: Our UX consultants are all part of the DXD (Digital eXperience Design) team at Emakina.BE. Their stories are intimately linked to their understanding of future user needs. They took the sociological evolution of society into account, as well as the impact of technology. This team consisted of Content Designer Sarah Claeys, and UX researcher Iva Filipovic. Another DXD team-mate, Design Strategist Vicky De Mesmaecker, helped realise the ‘RoboCop 2.0’ article with her background and knowledge of criminology.

Orange articles: Our visionaries started from their imaginations, fed by their insatiable curiosity towards all sorts of subjects, and a technological intuition to discover improbable but often possible futures. This is the spitting image of Brice Le Blévennec and his talented sparring partner, Johannie van As.

From science to fiction

The articles are ordered from the most probable to the craziest. Each article is placed on a scale from science to fiction.

Science. The first articles are fairly close to the state of science and, barring accidents, their advent is highly probable.

Innovation. The following articles anticipate innovations that are fairly logical and, with the current pace of innovation, are fairly likely.

Disruption. At the heart of the book, these articles explore possibilities that depend on radical innovations that are still at research stage.

Vision. These articles are predictions, disconnected from the feasibility of available technologies, but human inventiveness has no limits other than those of physics.

Fiction. The latest articles take the concept to its extreme. We will imagine the wildest possibilities in a world where today’s physical barriers have been broken by scientific discoveries yet to come.

The articles

You can find all the references to each article below. The articles will progressively be published on our blog. Stay tuned!
Each article will be discussed in our podcast Emakina - Dream bigger, and each episode will be available in English and in French. 

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