Emakina wins Best Influencer Campaign Award at Le Meilleur du Web

Author: Alex Papanastassiou

Congratulations to Emakina.CH and premium Italian beer brand Peroni, as they take home the prestigious CUBE ‘Le meilleur du Web’ Award for their inspiring influencer campaign.

The remarkable ‘La Passegiata’ initiative combined an original event with the support of top influencers, boosting awareness in the Swiss market for Peroni, and bringing life to its communication platform.

City walks with key influencers

15 Swiss influencers became promoters of the iconic Italian ritual of ‘La Passegiata’, going on easy and elegant city strolls. The influencers shared this idea with their communities, and invited them on 3 friendly walks in Geneva, Lausanne and Zürich.

The perfect match

Emakina’s dedicated team identified the best influencers using a specialized intelligence platform, matching their profiles, popularity and fields of interest with the brand’s target groups and selected cities.

Once recruited and on-boarded, the social media stars started teasing their community about the events, naturally spreading the spirit of Peroni, as they lived the full Italian experience.

They then took their followers along on walks, with Emakina capturing and sharing these good mood moments on social media and engaging with fans. In these times where everyone was hungry to socialize, the ‘Passeggiata’ idea spread rapidly, and the carefully selected influencers generated national impact.

Local and national impact

Through the eyes and activities of the influencers involved, and the hashtags #zurichpasseggiata, #genevapasseggiata and #lausannepasseggiata it also highlighted local businesses, while promoting the leisurely lifestyle with lasting results.

Peroni scored on all key parameters with this feel-good campaign.
It increased awareness, re-positioned the brand towards a premium lifestyle segment, and generated strong commitment: 214,000 followers, 7% engagement, +30% coverage and +20% engagement are excellent statistics!


The CUBE jury concluded:
“The Peroni beer brand succeeded in creating a cross-cutting lifestyle campaign linking the language of the regions and involving local influencers with national reach as well as local businesses like restaurants, bars, and taxi bikes in the campaign.”

Congratulations to the team!

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