visit.brussels steps up its digital transformation with B2B and B2C unified platform with Emakina

visit.brussels, the Brussels tourism and convention bureau, has unveiled a brand-new digital platform – which is already showing impressive results. Since going live in August, engagement levels have skyrocketed, thousands of visitors have shown lingering interaction with the site and e-commerce income is steadily increasing. 

The new web portal answers the needs of a wide audience of Brussels visitors and stakeholders with well-researched and carefully crafted user journeys. From locals to foreign visitors, travel agencies and partners to MICE tourism, this is the ultimate platform to promote and explore Brussels as a top European destination, with a particular focus on sustainable tourism. 

All-important catalyst for B2B and B2C tourism 

The pandemic sparked this transformation, with a need to reconstruct and promote high quality, sustainable tourism in the Brussels-Capital Region. Emakina was asked to research user needs and find ways to optimise all user journeys from start to finish. They identified opportunities to deliver added value through digital services and content, building engagement with all stakeholders. Behind the scenes, a plethora of over 50 different B2B and B2C websites and platforms needed a thorough rethink and redevelopment inside the agency’s digital ecosystem.  

Fresh new look that’s both business and pleasure 

The new tool is a useful way for partners and visitors to rediscover Brussels as a city worth visiting, attracting footfall to hotels, museums and events through up-to-date information. The result is a vibrant user-friendly platform with a playful design, offering distinct user experiences for visitors, professionals and the press.  

Visitors can find everything they need to plan a trip to the city, from where to stay and eat to must-see attractions and ready-made itineraries. There are plenty of options off the beaten track (e.g. bike-friendly and eco-label properties) and foodie inspiration to intrigue even born and bred Bruxellois. The extensive events section, Agenda, can be filtered by interest (e.g. cinema, exhibitions and nightlife) offering constant surprises and a one-stop place to buy regular and last-minute tickets.  

In the Professional section, the Convention Bureau offers free advice and services to help businesses put on a showstopper meet-up. There are dedicated sections devoted to Travel Trade, the development of international Associations and the Film industry. The Partners section supports local tourism partners in the development of tourist activities through communication media, training, events and information. Finally, the Press section has everything the media needs for first-class media coverage. 

“We’re delighted to bring the wealth of experiences and advice of visit.brussels to life in this benchmark city tourism portal”, says Tim Wolfs, MD of Emakina.BE. “Emakina is proud of this digital transformation success story, promoting Brussels as one of the top destinations in Europe that leads the way in terms of sustainability and value-creating tourism. As the User Agency, we share their passion for our multi-faceted capital and the mission to create unique experiences for visitors and residents in the city where the heart of the world beats.”  

The culmination of a three-year digital transformation journey, the stage is now set to promote Brussels as one of the top destinations in Europe. B2C & B2B users can now easily find unique experiences in the city where the heart of the world beats.


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