Emakina Wins Dutch Interactive Award for B2B Commerce with Bugaboo

Author: Meriem Alami

Emakina Bugaboo

Amsterdam, NL – May. 20, 2021 – Emakina, the global digital agency, is proud to announce it has been named Silver winner at the DIA Awards in the B2B commerce Bugaboo client case.

Since 2021, the DIA Awards entrants have spanned the spectrum with the most innovative Dutch companies and recognizable global brands.

At Emakina, creative digital work begins with understanding the customer’s needs and challenges they face in today’s digital world. Emakina’s sales, project and creative teams collaborate closely with each customer to understand their unique pain points.

“Thank you Emakina for being the partner in crime for this journey and thank you to all the retailers who are using the platform”

– Thomas Stegelmann – Director Global eCommerce and Integrations – Bugaboo

For more information on the DIA Awards, and a full list of 2021 winners, see here.

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About Emakina

Emakina Netherlands was created in 2013 by the merger of three agencies with complementary expertise: SunTzu, Merge Media and Relephant. 

Thanks to an ideal mix of creativity, technology expertise, and business acumen, Emakina has become the leading digital agency in the Netherlands, and one of the top 20 players in Europe. Its strong growth confirms Emakina Group’s position as a first-grade digital agency in all its markets.

The Emakina family keeps growing. Our full-service agencies are active in 15 countries on 3 continents, offering a wide range of expertise across a vast geographical area. We’re always forging relationships and deepening our knowledge of markets around the world.

By designing and producing useful, original, seamless and memorable user experiences, we build loyalty with audiences. Beyond this, we support wider business ambitions, helping our clients to develop strategies and harness technology to drive their own growth and success.

Our own User Equity Model™ allows us to calculate and improve the return on investment (ROI) in the digital transformation of any company, brand, product or service.

Together with our clients, we are fulfilling the changing needs of users.

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