Pro Skydiver Jokke Sommer Impressed by First Virtual Flight

Author: Alex Papanastassiou

Pro Skydiver Joakim AKA Jokke Sommer is one of the best and most experienced skydivers in the world.

So, no wonder Cédric Artiges of Emakina/ Applications was excited when this world star visited Emakina’s stand at the Créa Digital Day in Geneva to try out the virtual Wingsuit, created by his team. Together with Arnaud Grobet, Managing Partner of Emakina.CH, he welcomed the skydiving legend for his first virtual flight, EVER.

Jokke_emakinaJokke Sommer with Cédric Artiges, Manager of Emakina/ Applications (Left),
and Arnaud Grobet, Managing Partner of Emakina.CH (right)

Follow your dreams

Jokke’s philosophy of life is to follow your dreams, no matter what they are. He started skydiving in 2007 and  became a licensed skydiver, completing 250 jumps in two months the next year, to gain experience. He’s also an accomplished BASE jumper.

‘It’s an old dream of man to fly. But because of the danger, most people prefer to watch a video or play a video game. You can’t beat reality of course, but this virtual flight is a pretty great experience, nevertheless ‘, the flight champion declared.

Fly like an eagle!

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Arnaud Grobet: ‘Emakina’s Wingsuit is one of the phygital projects the team has developed over the last months. We are helping our clients in various digital projects, and also in bridging the gap between digital know-how and real life. Our world is changing fast and we will see more and more integration of digital in everyday situations. This is becoming our new reality, not only in gaming or leasure, but in every aspect of our lives.’

Check out the article and the video on the website of Tribune de Genève.

The Nouvo documentary of RTS.CH also gives you a great introduction into the world of speed and excitement of this flying man, who claims one day we will all fly like birds in the sky!

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