Emakina client Qatar Tourism wins in Orchestrator category at the Adobe Experience Maker Awards

Emakina is delighted that the outstanding digital experiences of its client Qatar Tourism have been recognised by the Adobe Experience Maker Awards. These accolades reward the most innovative and impactful customer experiences using Adobe Experience Cloud solutions. 

Qatar Tourism was the winner in the Orchestrator category. The tourism company expanded its digital engagement strategy to include responsive websites, a mobile app and personalised campaigns with intelligent automation across 20 countries and seven languages. “Experience A World Beyond” – its biggest campaign to date – uses eye-catching and personalised creative content delivered throughout the customer journey. 

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) as a Cloud Service is the backbone of Qatar Tourism’s user-friendly digital ecosystem. AEM tools empower Qatar Tourism to deliver more targeted and timely communications that seem to anticipate a traveller’s every need. The results are outstanding: millions of website visitors, number of leads in the hundreds of thousands and a click-through rate of close to 90%.  

“Qatar Tourism’s campaign is a proud showcase of what AEM as a Cloud Service can do”, says Tim Wolfs, MD of Emakina.BE. “AEM has been integral in Qatar’s innovative digital transformation journey which kicked off in 2020. In fact, Qatar Tourism was one of the first in the world to build a travel experience using AEM as a Cloud Service. Two years on, we are proud that this platform continues to inspire visitors to discover Qatar’s rich cultural tapestry, experiences and adventures through personalized online journeys.” 

Emakina has been instrumental Qatar Tourism’s digital transformation journey, which has the bold goal to triple visitor numbers to pre-pandemic levels and welcome over six million people a year by 2030.