Materne and Emakina unite North and South in bilingual Easy Chef campaign

Materne and Emakina: “It's easy to be a chef!”  

Materne, the Belgian love brand with its authentic natural juices, jams and sauces, is known by 9 in 10 Belgians. In team with its digital marketing and communication agency Emakina, it started the new year with an original campaign for its new Easy Chef product range. The combination of 100% Belgian apples, vegetables and spices in compotes is not only surprising, but it really works like a charm: by adding the Easy Chef products to your dishes, you become a master cook, perfecting your dishes in just 2 minutes.

The magical Belgian mix

This remarkable and tasteful result is a bit like Belgium itself, the Emakina team thought, where North and South together create a magical mix that somehow works. Inspired by this insight, the User Agency casted a contrasting French/Dutch-speaking duo, to discuss the marvel of the ‘Easy Chef Provençale’ and ‘Asian Style’, intuitively combining their languages. ‘Allez, smakelijk!’ Fruit and vegetables, Walloons and Flemish... it’s often with the most unexpected ingredients that the best compotes (and the best jokes) are made.

The Emakina team developed the digital strategy for the campaign, designed the e-shop landing page and banners, besides creating content for a newsletter, and producing social media posts, online ads, and the original cross-language videos. The result brings home the message that you too can be an Easy Chef and successfully unite seemingly distant flavours, like Belgium does with its sometimes surreal yet often working mix of languages and cultures. 


Emakina started working for Materne as its digital marketing and communication partner in January 2021, after winning a pitch with five agencies. The challenge: modernising its approach and material to boost the brand and generate traffic to the new online store, while respecting its traditional side. So, Emakina gave a new spin to its various ranges, sharing the love for the product and client with the ‘Straight-from-the-heart’ hashtags and attitude #ÇaVientDuCoeur and #RechtUitHetHart.

“The collaboration with Emakina is very constructive and based on trust,” concludes Irène Besem, Marketing Manager at Materne. “We are open to more daring ideas, and that helps Materne to stand out from its competition. With the help of Emakina, we give our market position a boost, while bringing a more creative and human touch to our communication.”

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