The technology trends that will shape 2023

The technology trends that will shape 2023

Shaping the world with innovation

The ever-changing world we live in is the perfect match for our curious minds and a source of endless opportunities for digital marketing agencies. Our Experience Design researcher, Iva Filipović, collected some of the most exciting emerging digital and technology trends of 2022, keeping in mind ever-evolving user behaviour. Sustainability remains a huge driving force behind conscious purchasing, while many user-centric innovations are aimed at making life frictionless and rich for users.

While the focus of this whitepaper is not on sustainability, we are delighted to see that it impacts most of the digital and tech innovations we’ve encountered. At EPAM and Emakina, we find ourselves deeply intrigued by the advancements that will shape the year ahead, and look forward to applying our insights in servicing our clients in the digital space. From thrilling advancements in medicine and an explosion of useful AI tools to social networks that celebrate ‘real life’ and a passwordless world, here’s what to look out for in the world of creativity, technology and strategy.

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In this e-book you'll learn:

  • Advancements in medicine 
  • Crypto winter, purge and The Merge 
  • NFT sales persist 
  • Big Tech investments in Web3 
  • Current metaverse state 
  • Interoperability 
  • AI tool boom 
  • Trending social media networks 
  • Transportation failures and trends 
  • Cloud and gaming 
  • Passwordless world 

In this e-book you'll get:

  • The top trends that will shape 2023, and beyond;
  • Our predictions for the world of creativity, technology and strategy;
  • How user behaviour might change.