Global Service Jam 2022


Global Service Jam 2022

On the weekend of 19 and 20 March, we hosted the Global Service Jam at the Emakina Amsterdam office and welcomed 40 external participants for a whole weekend of brainstorming, researching, prototyping, as well as testing the new product and service ideas to connect people! People with different backgrounds like designers, students. Academics, business people, unemployed people, and others, all with an interest in service and customer experience, came together for 48 hours to experiment, innovate, co-operate and compete. There were 3 external judges who joined for the last couple of hours to give their feedback and pick a winner after the teams pitched their ideas.

The 11th edition was hosted by Emakina NL as a part of a worldwide non profit series of events Global Jams. The theme of the jam, which is created by the global committee, is kept secret until the start of the event. This year, the secret theme was “Brightness we share”

André Moreira Dias, Duncan Gidney, Fabian Baumer and Oguz Boz were our speakers that gave the presentations about pitching, prototyping, user testing and sketching. Martina Bonetti, Audrey Cruchade, Carlos Rodriguezand and Maaike Kuiper were the mentors that helped and advised teams, while Andrea Vos was our host!