Fast Track Business Webinar

Fast Track Business Webinar

Covid-19? Kentico DXP can be the right medicine for companies

For many companies, the time is right to relaunch and boost their business after Covid-19. Kentico could be the right key to do it successfully. 

Watch the MD of Emakina.HR, Petar Kozjak, in this webinar to:

  • Get acquainted with a DXP system that could really fit your needs.
  • Learn how Kentico makes organising and managing content easy.
  • Become a master in personalisation.

Moving forward after corona

Once we leave these bizarre corona-times behind, a solid and performant website will be a must to move your business forward. Now is the time to take your digital platform to the next level. But how do you move forward in this complex world of web building platforms, buzzwords and in-the-cloud promises?


Start by answering these 4 key questions first:

  • Budget-friendliness: do I get maximum value for money?
  • Ease of use: can I onboard quickly and manage content fluently with workflows?
  • Integrated features: is the solution really an all-in-one digital experience platform?
  • The extra mile: can I personalize experiences and automate marketing interaction?

At Emakina, we’re platform agnostic. Depending on your organisation’s needs and culture, one solution can be more appropriate than another. But if you want to move fast and create a rich user experience, Kentico is an interesting option that performs well on all points. It gives you access to an easy to use all-in-one solution, without breaking the bank.

Why Kentico?

Kentico grew organically since its launch in 2004, without external funding, making a profit from the start. Its owner, Petr Palas, simply loves his CMS and values the company’s partners, who followed him from the beginning. So, he keeps prices at very acceptable levels for its users.

In these difficult times where every cent counts, that’s good news. You can work with innovative high-performance tools that deliver top results. And people who now dare to step forward with an affordable and solid answer to new digital challenges will be appreciated!

Kentico was named a strong performer in the Forrester WCM WaveTM, it is a challenger in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Web Content Management, and end users added it in the Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice.

One vision, and unified code for a unified solution

The bond between Kentico and its partners is strong and they are part of are part of its evolution. Its product line has grown over the years, with coherent internal developments (not by integrating separate developments into one solution). Both from a technology and a user standpoint, Kentico simply is one of the most coherent and unified solutions around.

There is one vision, one mission. You see the unity throughout the entire platform. Whether you’re working with content, workflows or marketing automation, processes are similar and every action feels logical and natural.