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Make an impact amongst the buzz of conversations, emojis and memes to connect with people while they’re most relaxed.

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About social media marketing

Social media is a creative and ever-changing universe. It’s fickle, exhilarating and relentless.  It never sleeps.  

This is where brands dare to take a stand. To challenge their thinking and support their audience. This is where they can show off their creativity and eccentricity.  

Social media is no longer just a place for content and community, it’s also a campaign space and shop, driving e-commerce conversion. It's an all-important part of the marketing mix. 

With the support of our strategic, creative, marketing automation and paid media experts, we’ll help you create the most relevant content and get the best results from all social platforms. 

  • Social intelligence
  • Social strategy 
  • Content strategy
  • Social campaigns
  • Content production
  • Content publishing 
  • Media strategy
  • Media buying
  • Audience definition and optimization
  • Lead generation
  • Social selling
  • Flow automation
  • Analytics and reporting 
  • Community management 
  • Customer care 
  • Crisis management
  • Social training and workshops

Our approach to social media marketing

At Emakina, we believe that understanding user behaviour makes all the difference. It’s what sets you apart from being a brand people want to swipe left on to a brand they want to swipe right on. Our goal is to not only meet your customers’ expectations but exceed them. The benefits of this approach to social media marketing are enhanced brand awareness, increased website traffic, better media visibility, and turning leads to conversions. The age of digital pollution is (hopefully) passing and users are hungry for great content. Now is the time to provide them with relevant, high-quality content served at the right place and to the right audience.  

Social media services that are tailored to customers' expectations

Become a swipe breaker

Swiper’s fatigue is a reality that brands are increasingly having to face. It’s not just about having an online presence anymore and creating a few posts. It’s about grabbing a user’s attention, giving them something that is watchable and saying it in the right tone of voice to keep them engaged and coming back for more. Our team creates social media strategies and campaigns that make sure that your brand stands out from the crowd and becomes so much more than just another scheduled post. 

Meaningful content

We eat, breathe and sleep good content. It’s the only way to make sure that your messages cut through the noise. Whether it’s to entertain, educate, inspire or convince, we will take your objectives and turning them into the right TikTok video, Instagram post or LinkedIn article for your audience. Creating content based on user searches serves them what they are looking for, not what you want them to look for. Our automated long-term campaigns, on the other hand, are geared to serve users content when they show interest. To do this successfully and get the most engagement, it becomes even more important to understand their behaviour. 

Social intelligence

In order to understand this behaviour and create the right strategy, we have state-of-the-art social intelligence tools with the ability to explore billions of conversations and to understand perceptions at scale. Using these tools in the right why is a powerful way of understanding end-customers in real time. Becoming experts at using these tools has shown us that it requires the perfect mix of human intelligence and technology to help your business adapt faster and thrive. 

“Forget about being impressive and commit to being real”

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