Content Strategy & Marketing

Compel your audience with a clever content strategy.

The Right Content Strategy for your Business

Do you want to win the hearts of your customers? Reach them at the right time, in the right place, with the right message? Do you want your content to be meaningful, engaging, cohesive and to actively contribute to your business goals and make it last?

Emakina’s brand and content strategist are here to create an airtight content marketing strategy, tailored to your brand and business. Looking for an omnichannel content strategy or one specifically for Youtube, Instagram or Linkedin? We’ve got you covered!.

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“We’re on a mission to provide your target audience with content they’ll love."

Why content strategy?

Content strategy is an absolute necessity in today’s digital marketing. It’s more than just writing blog posts and sharing it on social media. It’s about careful and optimal distribution of your content. About attracting your target audience with the information they want, when they want it, how they want it, in each phase of the sales funnel.

By taking a strategic approach to content marketing you can:

  • Connect with your audience on a deeper level
  • Persuade customers in every phase of the sales funnel
  • Build a strong, cohesive brand
  • Increase your website’s authority
  • Perform better in Google and other search engines
  • Get high ROI on your content marketing budget

Emakina – your content strategy agency

Emakina’s expertise encompasses every field of digital and online marketing. We can truly take your brand to the next level. We go above and beyond, from brand strategy to social media management and anything in between. Are you in dire need of brand analysis, creative concepting, copywriting or video production – just to name a few? We’re your go-to digital marketing agency.

We can service you from strategy and concept, through production, into planning, buying and management

Strategy > Concept > Production > Planning > Buying > Management

All within the same digital marketing agency.

Our approach to Content Marketing Strategy

We combine content creatives & strategists with knowledge of our data professionals to create a powerful data driven content strategy plan for your business.

First off, let’s set some clear goals. What do you need your content to do? Drive brand awareness? Increase customer engagement? Boost sales? Launch a new product or service? Emakina makes sure your content marketing goals are perfectly aligned with your business goals.

Now we know where we want to go, let’s map out how to get there. We analyse your top growth opportunities, perform audience research and keyword analysis. This way we will quickly uncover when, where and how to engage with your ideal customer.

Time to convert our obtained knowledge of your audience into a smart mix of content types. Whether it’s newsletters, blog posts, infographics, YouTube videos, thought leadership content, Instagram reels or Google banners. We know what works.

We’ll share our vision on how these different types of content need to look and feel in order to appeal to your customer. Think visuals, tone of voice, topics, et cetera.

Next up is distribution, another key element of a successful content strategy. We don't just distinguish between channels, but also between paid and organic content.

For your convenience we’ll structure and schedule all content productions in balanced content calendars. This way you’ll provide your target audience with a continuous stream of compelling content.

Overall success is determined by the process and alignment of stakeholders, so we always touch upon roles and responsibilities as well. We train your team, assist them or completely take over your content marketing.

Our Content Strategy Services

  • Omni Channel Content Strategy
  • YouTube Content Strategy
  • LinkedIn Content Strategy
  • Facebook Content Strategy
  • Instagram Content Strategy
  • TikTok Content Strategy
  • Snapchat Content Strategy
  • Pinterest Content Strategy
  • Blog Content Strategy
  • Podcast Content Strategy

Get on board & enjoy the ride!

By partnering up with Emakina’s experts, you can enjoy...

  • A much quicker turnaround time
  • Consistency from strategy to final products
  • Long term strategic partnership
  • Support or leadership for your existing content marketing team
  • A running start to setting up a content team
  • Proven approaches to content strategy
  • Access to the latest tech through turnkey partnerships

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