Experience Transformation

Uncover high-potential opportunities and build superior omni-channel services that drive loyalty and adoption.

Strategically transform your customer experience to compete and exceed

Experience transformation is all about uncovering high-potential opportunities for business innovation, product optimisation and growth. Looking across every touchpoint in the customer journey and taking a human-centred approach to creating seamless compelling and engaging customer experiences.

Do you want to compete with growing customer demand, create a competitive advantage and take your sales to the next level by creating an impactful customer experience (CX) and employee experience (EX)? Get in touch!

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Why partner up with Emakina for Experience Transformation?

Emakina’s Experience Transformation experts have a track record of building high-impact ecosystems of experiences, products and services, both in-store and online. We help you successfully transform from a product-centric organisation to a service-centric organisation.  Together we’ll empower your employees and increase customer engagement significantly by creating an excellent customer experience strategy and design.

5 reasons to transform your customer experience (CX)

  • Deeply understand your target audience’s behaviours and needs
  • Develop products/services that increase customer loyalty & retention
  • Differentiate your brand from the competition
  • Engage with new and emerging customer segments
  • Diversify your customer value propositions

5 reasons to transform your employee experience (EX)

  • Become more data savvy & resilient
  • Empower your employees with seamless processes
  • Increase performance & efficiency of your team
  • Create a culture of testing and learning
  • Attract top talent with a best-in-class digital workplace

Our experience transformation services

We know how challenging the competitive landscape can be. Shifts in consumer behaviours and expectations are forcing companies to change how they connect with and serve their customers. Emakina’s Experience Transformation experts take a human-centred approach to your experience strategy and execution.

In 3 steps, we will design high-impact experiences, for both your customers (CX) and employees (EX).

Curious how we can transform your organisation?

In this first stage we use data to uncover existing and potential customers’ journeys, behaviours, needs and desires that (could) affect your customer relations. We search for possible weak links in your operations, act on competition and anticipate future trends.

Once we have everything mapped out we identify high-potential opportunities for connection and engagement. For example tapping into new target audiences in order to remain relevant or discovering new ways to connect with customers. We use our extensive knowledge, best practises and creative thinking to create fluid customer journeys with strong touchpoints, tailored to your customers’ needs.

Lastly we apply our best practises & to design and implement market leading solutions that drive impact for your customers, your employees and your organisation such as tailored apps, In-store Displays, AI Kiosks, et cetera. We adopt a lean process of prototyping, testing and learning, in order to lower the risk of launching new products, improve time to market and ensure maximum effectiveness of our solutions.

Employee Experience, a crucial part of a successful Customer Experience

Your employees are your most important stakeholders when it comes to offering an effective customer experience. Our experience transformation experts define processes and interactions that empower your employees. Allowing them to work coherently and efficiently and strive for success together. To live and breathe your brand and become a crucial part of the excellent customer experience themselves.

Emakina’s integrated way of working

Emakina’s research, service design, product design and creative teams can contribute immensely to properly understanding the opportunity spaces within your online and in-store environments, and then creatively defining solutions to maximise those opportunities. Our integrated way of working sets us apart from any other digital marketing agency. We are truly committed to a CX culture and our agile teams are deeply knowledgeable in experience design and transformation. We are used to working in multi-disciplinary teams, who develop omnichannel platforms and technology that transform the experiences, services and products of your brand in the very best way.

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Do you want to create a successful customer experience transformation from a product-centric organisation to a service-centric organisation? To satisfy your customers in every step of their journey? Make each interaction with your brand one they will never forget? And empower your employees with efficient and effective processes and tools?

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