Make data driven decisions to boost revenue with CRO - Conversion Rate Optimization.

Increase revenue by identifying & tackling conversion blockers

Is your website (or are parts of it) not performing the way you anticipated? Are you spending large sums on online ad campaigns to increase traffic, but visitors are just not clicking, subscribing or buying? Enhance the performance and profitability of your ecommerce website or app with Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) a.k.a. data driven website optimization.

Our CRO specialists - supported by web developers, data analysts, UX/UI researchers and designers - can quickly identify and tackle conversion blockers that are costing you revenue right this moment.

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Why Conversion Rate Optimization by Emakina?

  • Get insights into your (online) audience
  • Make data driven decisions & mitigate risk
  • Tackle conversion blockers
  • Create optimal user experiences, steered towards conversion
  • Boost sales & increase ROI
  • Benefit from best practices of Emakina’s integrated team of experts

Prevent revenue loss and mitigate risk by getting rid of gut- feeling.

Are you still creating landing or product pages based on your gut feeling? Chances are those pages are (unknowingly) costing you money every day. Our CRO specialists provide you with specific, data driven recommendations that give you new insights, mitigate risk, boost innovation and fuel your strategy. This way you can make well-founded adjustments to your website or app.

We perform qualitative and quantitative research to understand what’s going wrong and where, generate hypotheses and immediate improvements, help prioritizing your backlog and design, develop and execute A/B tests on your tool (or we help you find a good A/B test tool). We basically cover everything.

The result? A website with a world-class user experience that increases conversion, ROI on your campaigns and total revenue.

Emakina’s CRO tech stack

In order to gather this crucial data, optimize the user experience and establish experimentation-driven growth, we work with a number of invaluable tools:

Multiple A/B test toolings like Google Optimize, VWO, Adobe Target, et cetera
Web- analytics data like: Google Analytics UA & GA4, Adobe analytics
Customer data: chat transcripts, order level data, etc
Website visit screen recording tools like Hotjar & Mouseflow
Effective Experiments to manage the A/ B test program

Need help implementing these tools?

Emakina’s CRO services

Do you want a full CRO program or just a fresh perspective? Below services can be one-offs or become an integral part of your overall CRO strategy. Whatever you need to get you on the right track again!

First off, we’ll dive into your internal testing strategy through tooling, processes and testing plans to get an understanding and give recommendations.

We will critically examine your website/customer journey flows, to identify any bottlenecks or UX issues that could be optimised to help increase specific goals and conversions

We will collect and analyze measurable and objective data to gain insights in your website’s performance and identify the ‘real’ customer journey.

We will thoroughly analyse the website usage and buyer behaviour to understand the user’s desire, through interviews, surveys, feedback tools, heatmaps, session engagement analysis, industry benchmarks and best practices research.

A Full Research package is our most in-depth analytical CRO offering, containing a Heuristic Analysis, Quantitative Analysis, Qualitative Analysis and Competitor research.

Within 3 days we’ll help you take a fast-forward leap straight into the fun part of the CRO program: where the test is live and the data is coming in.

We will assess, set up, optimize all personalisation capabilities in SFCC in order to create a highly personalized consumer experience and increase revenue, completely automated, data driven and self improving.

CRO Trainings & Workshops

At Emakina we want to assist you in the best way possible. Whether you want to outsource Conversion Rate Optimization completely or improve the CRO knowledge and skills of your own team. Our experts are happy to share their best practices during insightful trainings and practical workshops on:

  • CRO Toolstack
  • Statistics of A/B testing
  • Monetisation and ROI calculation
  • Salesforce Commerce Cloud tools for CRO
  • UX ideation
  • The psychology behind the purchase and how to use it to your benefit

Want to get CRO-savvy and learn all the tricks?

Emakina’s integrated way of working

Emakina’s in-house growth, CRO and usability teams can contribute immensely to properly measuring, and optimizing the websites and ecommerce environments. But what sets us apart from any other digital marketing agency is our integrated way of working. From strategists and analysts to developers and creatives. We are used to working in multi-disciplinary teams and integrate quickly into your agile way of working.

Allow us to wow you!

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