Do you want sky-high organic rankings and ditto website traffic? Let’s go above and beyond with SEO!

SEO, the foundation of your online marketing content

SEO is essential for any brand. In fact, technical and content SEO are the foundation on which your online marketing strategy should be built. If your SEO is below standard, it will reflect on other marketing efforts. But first, let’s take a step back. What is SEO exactly and how does it work? SEO stands for search engine optimization. Taking care of SEO means making sure that your web content is optimised for search engines to serve visitors, as well as for those spiders/web crawlers that crawl, evaluate and rank all content on the world wide web 24/7.

Team of Emakina is here to help you with all your SEO efforts.

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Good SEO helps you get more out of your ad campaigns

Houston, we’ve got a problem! Chances are you are not getting your full money’s worth from ad campaigns. Wait what? We marketers invest thousands of euro’s, dollars, pounds or yen in online marketing campaigns but tend to forget about our SEO. Such a shame… because when your SEO is on point, Google will award your landing pages with a higher quality score. When linking an ad campaign to a landing page with a high quality score, Google views your ad as relevant and which results in more bang for your buck. Nice! Also when SEO generates more organic (unpaid) website traffic, you can target these visitors more specifically for SEA campaigns. The result: the costs for your SEA campaigns will drop and your conversion rate will rise.

The SEO experts at Emakina are here to guide and assist you in getting your SEO in the best possible shape. Want to know how? Keep on scrolling, we’ll tell you all about it!

Fuel up with Emakina’s SEO services

Emakina’s added value goes beyond extensive experience with SEO improvements to e-commerce businesses. We know all about technical SEO and content SEO. Our experts can perform a technical SEO analysis in order to assess your current SEO status in no time, pinpoint improvements, create a keyword strategy that matches your business goals seamlessly, control migration like a hawk, assist your developers, deliver content that will skyrocket your SEO scores and provide you with ongoing SEO reports. Whatever you need, we’ve got you covered.

Our SEO Services

Get in great SEO shape. Emakina analyses and uncovers issues in the technical implementation of your website’s SEO.

It's go-time! Emakina identifies areas of improvement and provides recommendations all wrapped-up in an actionable and understandable SEO Strategy Plan that matches your business goals.

Be smart: protect and salvage your online authority! Migrate your website successfully without losing your rankings with the support of the Emakina team.

Don’t write content for search engines, write it for your readers; actual people that want to know more about your products/services. We’ll provide you with a clear battle plan and compelling content that drives business results.

I spy with my little eye… continuous feedback! Our SEO experts generate ongoing insightful SEO reports of your visibility, organic traffic and engagement metrics before you can say Search Engine Optimization Experts.

Emakina’s integrated way of working


Additionally, Emakina’s in-house growth, CRO and usability teams can contribute immensely to properly measuring, and optimizing the websites and ecommerce environments that our digital marketing team directs traffic towards.

It’s this integrated way of working with an incredibly broad range of expertise that makes partnering with Emakina for digital marketing more impactful than any other agency.

Allow us to wow you!

Emakina - your digital marketing agency

Emakina’s expertise encompasses every field of digital and online marketing. And with a dedicated content team and very close ties to best-in-class production agencies, we can service you from strategy and concept, through production, into media planning and buying.

Strategy > Concept > Production > Media Planning > Media Buying

All within the same digital marketing agency

Sit back and enjoy the ride!

By partnering up with Emakina’s experts, you can enjoy...

  • A much quicker turnaround time
  • Consistency from concept to final products
  • Clear performance reports
  • Long term strategic partnership
  • Support or leadership for your existing growth team
  • A running start to setting up a new growth team
  • Proven approaches to growth
  • Access to the latest adtech through turnkey partnerships

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